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Paul Marc Mitchell


Paul Marc Mitchell



"Outstanding….. a series of intricately connected works, each performed with rare beauty and originality by a quartet working at the height of its powers." -BBC Music Magazine


"The group’s creativity and imagination made for a delightfully vibrant and engaging performance. Simonen’s ability to produce an exquisite sound at speed was truly impressive. The Andante featured some fabulous cello playing and the warmth of the Trio amid the hair-raising Scherzo was delightful too. To the closing Allegro assai they brought humour, intensity and stamina."

The Strad (UK)

"Deep contemplation and vivid spontaneity…The quartet’s [playing] is nothing short of a revelation in its lucidity of line and sheer beauty of sound." - BBC Music Magazine


"The Castalian Quartet makes the simplest things we hear into the most important things we could ever want to hear.... There were times that I simply could not believe my ears.Calgary Herald

This is indeed a special release from Delphian and the Castalian Quartet which deserves the very highest praise." - BBC Music Magazine

"I was completely taken aback by the sheer sweetness of the tone from the Castalian Quartet in their concert of Beethoven's first and Dvorak's last string quartets. The sheer beauty of the playing, together with the uncannily clean resonance of the space, brought to life the music in all its grandeur and delicacy, with every instrument sounding clean and every phrase fresh."

The Times (London)


"In Brahms’s Piano Quintet, Hough joined the Castalian String Quartet, a young ensemble of whom I’ve heard a lot but hadn’t actually encountered until now. They’re terrific: violinists who seem capable of anything, layering a gleaming finish (often the key to a really luminous quartet sound) on a viola player with a tone like crushed velvet and a cellist who sounds like old gold."
The Spectator (UK)


"The Clarinet Quintet, a desert island choice for many of us, given a desert island-worthy performance here, ended the concert. To hear this music, so full of poetry, joy and sorrow, realised to such perfection, felt like a miracle.”
The Guardian (UK)

"Their unique style – a powerful individuality of sound matched by an instinctive singularity of musical intention – lit up every single moment... A terrific programme; amazing players."

The Scotsman 

Paul Marc Mitchell

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