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Welcome to Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Front Row: National, an initiative to help presenting organizations throughout North America maintain connection with their chamber music audience.  We invite you to participate in this groundbreaking program as a National Broadcast Sponsor. Key features include:

  • Unmatched streaming experience for chamber music lovers

  • Accessible sponsorship levels; your donation supports CMS musicians and digital programming

  • Very simple mechanism to include the program on your website

  • Ability to select a single program, or as many as you'd like

  • Ability to control when you broadcast each program

  • Ability to surround with your own messaging and content


The CMSLC has been capturing performances in HD video and sound for many years.  Because this material is of such high quality – both artistically and technically – it represents a unique collection for chamber music lovers.  CMS Front Row: National is a series of programs, expertly curated by CMS co-Artistic Directors David Finckel and Wu Han, to celebrate chamber music at its finest.  


The idea is simple:  as a National Broadcast Sponsor, you - the local presenter - will have the benefit of a 7-consecutive-day broadcast authorization for whichever program(s) you select, and will offer these programs free of charge to patrons via your currently existing website on whatever schedule you like.  In this way, you will have an opportunity to interact with exceptional content which is sure to engage and entertain your core chamber music audience.  You will be able to surround the program with your own messages and content, solicit contributions, create additional events, etc.  The primary goal is for you and your audience to connect on a regular basis via your website.  


To see an example of the program, please go to our Sample Video page. 


To see the list of available programs, go to the Program Library.


Each program will be available individually, or as part of a larger sponsorship package.  The donation range starts at $300, which entitles you to one program. Additional donation levels entitle you to multiple programs Please see the FAQ page for the specific donation scale.

Additional programming is always in development, and will be added to the library as it becomes available.


We invite you to review the FAQ page, and contact us for any clarifications and/or to sign on at whatever level is comfortable.  We believe even those of you working on your own content will find a certain number of these programs a welcome addition to your offerings, with minimal fiscal impact.  

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