Frequently Asked Questions / How it Works

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1) Who is my primary point of contact for CMS Front Row: National  

Please direct all of your communication - questions, requests, etc. - to David Rowe ( and Arielle Gronner ( at David Rowe Artists (781-639-2442). 


2) How do I share the program with my audience? 

You will embed the program into your website where viewers can access it for a consecutive 7-day period of your choosing.  You are free to utilize the program in whatever way will most benefit your organization, subject to the guidelines in FAQs 16-25 below.  We suggest you may want to create a separate web page where you can host CMS Front Row: National and build your own messages around the program, but this is entirely up to you! 


3) How is the program delivered to me?  

As a benefit of becoming a CMS National Broadcast Sponsor with a donation to Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, you will receive broadcast authorization for whichever program(s) you choose, along with the unique custom link to enable you to embed the video into your website.  This is an extremely simple process, which your website administrator should be very familiar with. 


4) How do I obtain broadcast authorization? 

By joining the initiative as a CMS National Broadcast Sponsor. The sponsorship levels and benefits are listed below:


Level 1 (authorization to broadcast any single program from the Library):  $300

Level 2 (any 2 programs):  $550

Level 3 (any 3 programs):  $800

Level 4 (any 4 programs):  $1,000

Level 5 (any 5 programs):  $1,200

Level 6 (any 6 programs):  $1,350

Level 7 (any 7 programs):  $1,500

Level 8 (any 8 programs):  $1,600


Please note:  we have deliberately kept the donation scale low to allow organizations of any size & budget to participate, while also enabling CMSLC to provide a modest income to their extensive roster of world-class musicians during these uniquely challenging times.  We encourage those of you with larger budgets to consider higher donations if you have the capacity.  


5) How does my organization become a CMS National Broadcast Sponsor? 

Please make your sponsorship donation by check payable to “Chamber Music Society” and deliver as soon as possible to:


Attn: Kari Fitterer

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

70 Lincoln Center Plaza, 10th Floor

New York, NY  10023


(Enter “Front Row National” in the memo line)

CMS prefers to receive donations for Front Row: National by check. If you wish to pay by another method, please contact us.


Upon receipt of your donation and Selection Form, your Air Date(s) can be scheduled. 

6) Where does the money go? 

Your donation(s) for CMS Front Row: National will enable CMSLC to support their wonderful roster of musicians, creative, innovative digital programs, and to continue their commitment to excellence in chamber music programming.



7) Can I choose my programs? 

Yes, you may receive authorization for as few or as many as you like.  Please see the Program Library for an up-to-date listing of available programs, and use the Selection Form in the Document Center to indicate which programs you would like to broadcast.


8) How long can I post each program on my website?   

You will be granted a separate 7-day broadcast authorization window during which each video will be viewable on your website.  


9) Can I choose when I broadcast each program?  

Yes, after your selection and donation has been received we will consult to confirm your desired broadcast “Air Date” for each program, which will be the date on which the 7-day authorization period begins. 


10) How long before my air date does my selection & donation need to be completed?
          We request to have your selection and donation completed at least two weeks                      before your desired Air Date, and we strongly encourage you to allow more time if              possible.


11) Do I need to select/commit now?  

No, we plan to offer CMS Front Row: National indefinitely, with the available library growing as each new episode comes online.  

           BUT….why wait??!


12) If I have signed up for more than 1 program, can I set the schedule for some of them later, after I’ve broadcast the first one(s)? 

Yes, but see #10 above.


13) Can I change my broadcast schedule?  

Yes.  While we prefer not to have too many changes, we will certainly allow you to adjust your schedule to suit your needs during these uncertain times.


14) What if I don’t order a specific program today, but decide later I would like to have it? 

That’s fine!  Just reach out to us anytime and we'll help arrange broadcast authorization for any episode in the Program Library.


15) Will there be more than 8 programs?  

Yes, lots! CMSLC is planning much more programming, which will be added as available to the Program Library. (So check back often to see what's new!)




16) Will I receive the custom embed link in advance so I can prepare my website before the broadcast air date?  

Yes, you will receive the custom web link well in advance of any broadcasts. Each link will become active seven days prior to its designated Air Date.


17) Can I share CMS Front Row: National via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc? 

No, this is not permitted - the only place you are authorized to share the content is on your organization’s website. You may, however, promote the program via any and all social media channels!


18) Will I be able to capture web analytics from these broadcasts? 

Yes - whatever analytics you normally have access to from your website should be available to you.


19) Is there any paperwork?

Yes, but only a little.  We will need a one-time signed Content License Agreement between your organization and CMSLC, along with your Selection Form.  Please see the Document Center for downloadable versions, which may be submitted by email.

20) Can I charge a fee for my audience to view the program? 

No, a per viewer fee runs against CMS policy.  However, if you wish to restrict access (perhaps as a benefit to donors at a certain level), you may password-protect access on your site.  


21) Can I edit the program in any way?  

No, these programs are carefully curated and the actual  content must be kept intact. 


22) Can I add my own pre- or post- show message?  

Yes - in fact we strongly encourage it!


23) Can I solicit contributions to my organization from viewers? 

Of course!

24) Can I host a live Q&A, or “virtual donor reception” chat with one of the CMS musicians? 

We are happy to try and facilitate this - please contact our office to discuss.  If we are able to arrange something, the fee to the artist is $300.  Please see #5 above for payment instructions, and enter the musician's name in the check memo line.

25) Can I build online and special events around the program?  

Absolutely!  Some ideas which have already been suggested include video program notes or a pre-concert lecture with your local writer/annotator, a “virtual post concert reception”, a live, in-person viewing party (if local pandemic conditions allow) with a CMS artist joining after for a live (remote) Q&A or "meet and greet/ reception" (see #24 above). We are sure many more creative ideas will emerge!

26)  How about a remote/virtual masterclass with CMS musicians?

By all means, we can arrange these also. The fee for such a class (2 hours in duration) is $750 per CMS musician. Because of the prep work involved, we request at least three weeks' notice; more is preferred. Please see #5 above for payment instructions, and enter the musician's name in the check memo line.


27) Finally, why can’t I direct my audience to the limited showing on the CMSLC website instead of signing on to CMS Front Row: National?   

You can, but you will then lose the opportunity to interact fully with your audience via your website, which is one of the main benefits and reasons for this initiative.  CMS wishes to help each presenter preserve their connection with their local audience.  You will also not have the flexibility to share the programs on a customized schedule which works best for you.  Also, you will not be financially supporting the CMS musicians!