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About CMS Lincoln Center
The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, (CMS) is one of eleven constituents of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the largest performing arts complex in the world. The Chamber Music Society has its home in Alice Tully Hall – the finest hall in the world for chamber music. Through its performance, education, and recording/broadcast activities, it draws more people to chamber music than any other organization of its kind. Our organization, David Rowe Artists, is the North American management for CMS, and we facilitate the planning of their events and their presence outside of New York City.

About the Programs
The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center has been capturing performances in HD video and sound for many years.  Because this material is of such high quality – both artistically and technically – it represents a unique collection for chamber music lovers.  CMS Front Row: National is a series of programs, expertly curated by CMS co-Artistic Directors David Finckel and Wu Han, to celebrate chamber music at its finest.  

We believe that senior and assisted living facilities would be an ideal venue for screening these performances, where residents can gather together to share the musical experience, without having to make a trip to a world-class concert hall. The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center has the infrastructure to deliver these kinds of performances in a digital format easily and inexpensively. Activities directors can build their own custom concert series drawn from the nearly thirty (and counting!) programs currently available.

Sample a Complete CMS Front Row Video:

Non-musical segments: 

0:00-5:00  introduction
1:12:50 - end  Q&A with artists

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