Programs for March 16 – April 13, 2022 tour

Master list of pieces offered:

Beethoven:  Quartet in F-Major, Op. 59, No. 1

Haydn:  Quartet TBD (either Op. 55/2 or 54/1)
Felix Mendelssohn:  Quartet in Eb-Major, Op. 12
Felix Mendelssohn:  Quartet in F-Minor, Op. 80
Fanny Mendelssohn:  Quartet in Eb-Major
Purcell:  A set of Fantasias
Jesus Rueda:  String Quartet V - “Fragments” (2019)

Also:  A Suite of Scottish Folk Tunes (15-18 min) as composed/arranged by Donald Grant. 



Please construct your program from the above works and submit to us for artist approval.