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Photo by:

Photo: Felix Broede

Photo: Felix Broede

Photo: Robert Torres

Photo: Felix Broede

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Sextets with Pinchas Zukerman and Amanda Forsyth


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"Arguably the world’s best quartet."

— The Artsdesk


"The Jerusalem Quartet's debut on the Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society series was breathtaking. Or jaw-dropping. Or maybe ear opening. In any case, it was brilliant."
— Pittsburgh Post Gazette


“Passion, precision, warmth, a gold blend: these are the trademarks of this excellent Israeli string quartet. Highlights? The finesse of phrasing in [Mozart's] K458’s minuet; the exquisite tone of the ensemble’s cello (formerly played by the great Jacqueline du Pré); and the slow movements that reach ever deeper into Mozart’s heart.”
— The Times, London


"As near to perfect as one can possibly find."
— BBC Music Magazine

“The musicians of the Jerusalem, which formed in 1993, invest intense focus and stylistic truth on everything they touch.”
— The Plain Dealer , Cleveland, OH


“...what distinguishes this particular quartet is its sense of refinement and natural feeling for line, coupled with a fever-pitch intensity and commitment to the music. Musical electricity may be unfathomable, but one thing is for sure - they have it.”
— The Strad


”It was as fine a night of string quartet playing as I've heard in a long time. Normally it takes years and years to develop such a blend of voices and such a spectrum of colours. They have loads of energy and passion and the control, finesse and sophistication to go with it.”
— Vancouver Sun    


"An absolute triumph.  Their playing has everything you could possibly wish for."
— BBC Music Magazine


”Superlatives are inadequate in describing just how fine this playing was from one of the young, yet great quartets of our time.”
— The Strad  


”The best-trained string players with Alexander Pavlovsky, who had a particularly colourful sound, correspond with each other with instinctive sureness.It was magical playing, which also caressed the soul and made this a very pleasant evening concert.”
— Der Tagespiegel  


”Its most immediately striking quality is the vibrancy, flexibility and homogeneity of its sound…. The players are technically extremely good, their ensemble is flawless and they can weave a seamless tapestry of lines and voices. Everything they do is carefully planned and worked out to the last detail, but they have succeeded in balancing perfect control with passionate involvement, youthful exuberance, and spontaneous expressiveness...”
— Andante


 ”My personal favourite among the four (quartets) for their impeccable blend, and the wonderful tone of the leader, Alexander Pavlovsky, which is best described as a fiery sweetness.Since they formed at the Jerusalem Music Centre in 1993 their career has been a triumphal ascent.”
— Daily Telegraph  


”...ardent and persuasive performance, which is bracketed on this strong disc by the composer's festive Quartet No. 6 in G Major and the spare and acerbic Quartet No. 11 in F Minor. The Jerusalem changes moods deftly, from the light-fingered gamboling of the sixth quartet to the lambent migration of the eighth and dry terseness of the eleventh.”
— Steve Winn, San Francisco Chronicle

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