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The St. Lawrence String Quartet is pleased to share its latest recording initiative: 
the complete Op. 20 string quartets of Joseph Haydn
This project will be made fully available without cost on YouTube, and SLSQ has inaugurated their new YouTube channel with Haydn's String Quartet in G minor, Op. 20, No. 3.

Availability on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming sites, as well as (deluxe) physical copies on CD and Vinyl will follow later this year.


As longtime champions of Haydn, the “Sun” Quartets were a natural choice for SLSQ.  Composed in 1772, they quite simply changed the course of music history:  “Every page of the six quartets of op. 20 is of historic and aesthetic importance... there is perhaps no single opus in the history of instrumental music which has achieved so much and so quietly." (Donald Tovey).  Beethoven was in awe of their mastery, and copied them all out by hand.  Brahms later bought and annotated Haydn’s manuscript.  Dazzling and deep, virtuosic , powerfully emotional and whimsical, Haydn’s quartets set the course for all subsequent western chamber music.  Recorded in Stanford University’s Bing Concert Hall and produced by Mark Willsher, these recordings document SLSQ’s decades-long evangelical fervor for the music of Haydn.  The quartet is honored to share these groundbreaking works with contemporary audiences on multiple platforms.


Needless to say, we invite you to view their Op. 20/3 at the above link, and to check back periodically for future releases.  We also encourage you to view a recent presentation they gave at Google, which is very similar in nature to their “Haydn Discovery” concert offering:

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