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“The St Lawrence are remarkable not simply for the quality of their music-making, exalted as it is, but for the joy they take in the act of connection.” — Alex Ross, The New Yorker

The Performers
The St. Lawrence String Quartet has earned its reputation for passionate performances and an exceptional ability to connect with audiences of all ages. Celebrated for its “smoldering intensity” (Washington Post), and “hint of rock ‘n’ roll energy” (LA Times), the SLSQ possesses a rare combination of immense musical talent and a contagious excitement about chamber music, which has made them especially popular with students. In celebration of their 30th anniversary, the quartet is taking this affinity with university communities a step further with a strengthened commitment to unique outreach programs and performances on campuses across North America. 


The Educators
As Ensemble in Residence at Stanford University, the St. Lawrence are the interdisciplinary ambassadors of chamber music, bringing their insights and musical passion to classrooms across campus, in free online courses,  and beyond. Now, they are taking the spirit of these activities on tour, offering programs that will engage students and audiences in active listening, illuminating chamber music works for a new generation of listeners.

The Programs
Whether deconstructing Haydn for an audience in a “Haydn Discovery” program; demonstrating the string quartet as a model for democracy in an Ethics class; coaching health professionals on “Precision Listening”; collaborating with a college basketball team on the role of teamwork; or giving cultural context to a history class through the lens of music, there are limitless possibilities to the ways in which SLSQ can make meaningful connections with students and audiences.

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