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St. Lawrence String Quartet

The St. Lawrence String Quartet has been deeply moved by the tremendous outpouring of love and support from the musical community following the death of our beloved partner Geoff Nuttall.  We have decided to create necessary space to grieve, process and reflect, and will not be performing concerts during this period. We appreciate everyone’s understanding during this difficult time, and will issue a further statement when our future plans have clarified.

–Lesley Robertson, Christopher Costanza, & Owen Dalby

November 20, 2022

In Memoriam:
Geoff Nuttall

1965 - 2022

St. Lawrence String Quartet

It was with profound sadness that we announced the death of Geoff Nuttall on October 19, 2022.  As everyone reading this knows, Geoff was a singular supernova who excelled and delighted in bringing music and audiences together for thrilling, spontaneous, performances, mostly leading the St. Lawrence String Quartet, but also presiding over the Spoleto USA Festival chamber music concerts, and in many other contexts.  Curious, present, charismatic, fearless, generous,  open-hearted, vulnerable, brilliant, hilarious, evangelical, and always, always completely authentic.  That was Geoff, and with SLSQ he made concerts real, relevant and relatable.


Geoff’s infectious enthusiasm helped unlock the joys of chamber music via active listening to countless students and audiences, experienced and casual alike.  His unique ability to break down formal barriers and create immediate, meaningful connection was a rare gift, cherished by all who had the good fortune to be in his presence.  He leaves our world far richer for having so fully and selflessly participated.


While we will miss our dear friend immeasurably, we find comfort in his memory, and in imagining him now alongside Papa Haydn in some heavenly beer hall,  playing and discussing (and laughing) about string quartets into the wee hours. 

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