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théotime langlois de swarte


Duo Recitals with Justin Taylor, harpsichord

Available October 26-31, 2023 & Oct 15 - Nov 3, 2024



 “The flamboyant baroque – 18th century music for violin and harpsichord”

Music and sound are surely the most universal language, and are especially effective in helping us travel through time.  With a few strokes of the violin’s bow and animation of the harpsichord’s keys, let yourself be teleported from the London of Handel to the Rome of Corelli, with a visit to J-S Bach in Coethen.  Alongside monuments of the repertory, you will discover forgotten gems, rarities unearthed by the musicians from old libraries, and transcriptions of opera arias in the taste of the era.  A great journey awaits you!

G.F. Handel:  Sonata for violin and keyboard, Op. 1, No. 6

Jean-Marie Leclair:  Sonata livre III in D-Major, Op. 9, No. 3


Pancrace Royer:  “La Marche des Scythes”


Jean-Philippe Rameau:  “Tendres Plaintes” from Suite No. 1 (arr. by the performers)


Rameau/Guignon:  variations on “Les Sauvages” (arr. by the performers)



Nicola Matteis:  Fantasia for solo violin

John Eccles:  “The Mad Lover”


Henry Purcell:  Prelude in G-minor

Eccles:  Sonata in G-minor


J.S. Bach:  Sonata in C-minor for violin and keyboard, BWV 1017


Bach:  Andante BWV 974 (after Marcello)


Archangelo Corelli:  Sonata for violin and keyboard Op. 5, No. 12 (“Follia”)



Current as of:  August, 2022 

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