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Concerto Repertory List

Note:  all of the below can be performed on baroque violin (with period instrument orchestra), or on modern violin (with standard orchestra).


Baroque era concertos:


Op. 7 No. 5 in A-Minor (recorded concerto album for harmonia mundi HMM902649)

Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 10 No. 3 (recorded on concerto album HMM902649)



The Four Seasons 

Violin Concerto in E flat major  RV 253 "La Tempesta di Mare"

Violin Concerto in C Major, RV. 179a "Per Anna Maria"(recorded on concerto album HMM902649)

Violin Concerto in B Minor, RV. 384 (recorded on concerto album HMM902649)

Violin Concerto in D Major, RV 208 "Grosso Mogul"

Violin Concerto in F Major, RV 256 "Il Ritiro"

Violin Concerto in A Minor RV356


Locatelli:  Il pianto d’Arianna Op 7 N°6


Geminiani:  Concerto Grosso La Follia

J.S. Bach:

Violin Concert in A-minor, BWV 1041

Violin Concert in E-Major, BWV 1042

Concerto for Two Violins in D-minor, BWV 1043

Classical era concertos:


Haydn:  Violin Concerto in C major, Hob.VIIa:1. (recorded with Les Arts Florissants, harmonia mundi release pending) 


Mozart:  Violin Concerto No.3 in G Major, KV 216


Viotti:   Violin Concerto No. 22 in A Minor

Current as of:  June, 2022 (please ignore any previously or undated lists)

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