I’ll be honest.  When I mailed the above card along with my first artist roster in summer, 1998, I really had no idea whether my fledgling business would survive.  Yet here we are, beyond the 20 year mark and enjoying as much success as ever!

While the artists have changed (although very little since 2003!), the mission remains the same:  to represent a select roster of internationally-acclaimed chamber music ensembles throughout North America with constant attention to the needs of our clients.

I feel so fortunate to have stumbled into the field of artist management as an office assistant to Mariedi Anders in 1985.  There was no master plan – just appreciation that perhaps my years of study to be a professional violinist would be a genuine asset!  Over the years, I tried to learn everything I possibly could from a great doyenne of the business.  Under Mariedi’s guidance I gradually gained experience and confidence, eventually overseeing her distinguished chamber music roster.

I usually claim to have been in artist management continually since 1985, but strictly speaking that isn’t true.  I took a three year “sabbatical” as a professional tennis umpire; if you wish a bit of amusement at my expense check out the time John McEnroe chewed me out on national TV.

Shortly after this incident, I returned to Mariedi’s office for a couple of years before finally hanging out the above shingle.

Every day we work to honor the trust our musician and presenter clients place in us.  We will continue striving to achieve the highest standards, whatever the future holds. 



David Rowe