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"Brilliant throughout, daring, sensual, Le Consort delights us." - Diapason

"Ravishing, exhilarating and uniquely beautiful." - BBC Music Magazine

Julien Benhamou


Le Consort, Le Consort, a leading baroque chamber ensemble co-directed by harpsichordist Justin Taylor and violinist Théotime Langlois de Swarte, comprises four young musicians who interpret the trio sonata repertoire with enthusiasm, sincerity, and modernity.  The group’s mission is to bring together compelling musical personalities in the service of chamber music from the repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries.  From Corelli to Vivaldi, from Purcell to Couperin, the dialogue between the two violins and the basso continuo displays a wealth of contrasts between vocality, sensuality and virtuosity. 

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“Brilliant throughout, daring, sensual, Le Consort delights us.”



“Undeniably excellent ... Bravi tutti.”



“Ravishing, exhilarating and uniquely beautiful.”

BBC Music Magazine


“With its breathtaking interpretation, between virtuoso bubbling and sweet tenderness, Le Consort proves that the Baroque, even if it is Venetian, still has a lot of thrills to give us when it is played like this…..Perfect alchemy.”



“Each new recording confirms these qualities which the listener savours: the ardour of youth, a masterly art of discourse and a permanent emotion which serves as a thread running through these masterpieces of the past.”

Res Musica


Another masterstroke from the Baroque ensemble Le Consort.



[Rating = Exceptional]
“With the same freshness, this young ensemble performs this beautiful music with brilliance and attention to detail, with formidable energy and a spectacular sound that illuminates it.”



“A release that gives nothing but pleasure.”



[Rating = Exceptional]
“... a display of agility, coloratura, musicality, technique, sensitivity and stylistic knowledge ... A gem of a disc!”


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